Delayed Calls

Delayed Calls are function calls which can be delayed by a set amount of time. They are delayed by a time value in seconds, if you want to delay a call until a specific event happens, or another function is ran, you may want to use Hooks instead.

DelayedCalls:Add( id, time, func )

Adds a delayed call that will automatically be ran after the time has expired.
id The unique identifier of this delayed call.
time A time value, in seconds, that the function func should run after.
func The function that should be ran if time passes.

DelayedCalls:Add( "DelayedCallsExample", 5, function()
    log("This will be called after 5 seconds.")
end )

DelayedCalls:Remove( id )

Removes a delayed call with the identifier that matches id. If the delayed call does not exist, or has expired, this function does nothing.
id The unique identifier of the delayed call to attempt to remove.

DelayedCalls:Remove( "DelayedCallsExample" )